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As the author of Another Perspective and the author of the articles that will accumulate here under basically the same name, I’d appreciate it if you would go take a look at my other site, JohnDCannon.

I began the site mostly to learn about WordPress and, frankly, to blatantly advertise my various web stores that I’ve created over the years. While I’ve done a bit of that, I also wrote a little about PTSD and how horribly it affects the men and women America keeps sending off to war in countries that have never attacked nor threatened us. The idea of talking opening about PTSD seemed to hit a nerve and I’ve written a few other articles about that issue (please see “A Few Personal Thoughts On PTSD” and “Survivor’s Guilt”, “A View From The Outside Of PTSD”) and plan on a few more. I’ve even attempted to offer a few links to help vets find the help they need.

If you know any vets from any war, please share a few of these links with them, especially the last one. While you’re at it, give them a smile, welcome them home and, if you and they feel comfortable with it, a hug of thanks, not for the hells they experienced but for having to experience them at all.


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