Okay, we’ll leave the topic of PTSD for today simply because the VA has managed to screw everything up once again (VA in Sacramento, “We sent you the letter to cancel today’s appointment three weeks ago.”  Me, “But I never received any such letter and I keep all of the VA’s appointment letters taped to my calendar so I never got it!”  VA, “Well, our computer says the letter was sent.”  Me, “Your computer is wrong!  Why would I spend 6.5 hours driving round trip to an appointment if I had been told it was canceled?”  VA, “I don’t know sir, but the computer says…… *shrug*”  Me, “So I just traveled 350 miles round trip for an appointment that didn’t exist because I never got the letter your computer claims it sent to me?  You are aware that the computer only tells you what somebody else put into it and if they screwed it up then I never got the letter and you’re not even going to pay me mileage for that 350 miles?  Give me 60 seconds with that computer and I can make it say anything I want and that won’t make it reality.  The reality is that I made the drive at 5 AM because I was NEVER told not to!”  VA, “Yessir, NEXT?”)

So, I’m not in the mood to talk about PTSD today or the VA today or anything to do with that understaffed, overworked, under equipped, quite often uncaring and sloppy Veteran’s Administration. Anything I did write would be out of absolute PTSD anger and frustration. We get what we pay for and the right and their mindlessTea Bagger pets say we need to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations so those damn vets can go screw themselves because there is no money to budget for actual computer classes or follow up phone calls or any of that unnecessary stuff. It is MUCH more important that we kill brown people in order to steal their resources and pay for the war machine and the PTSD and injured vets can just go in a corner and die since they have served their purpose and are no longer of any use to the right or to America. But hey, join the Army and be Army Strong!!!!…..then go away and die and stop being such a drain on the wealthy, you PTSD freaks!!!!!


Instead, I’ll wait till my son gets off from the training center he goes to, go pick him up at his group home and maybe do a little shopping, maybe get a BBQ tri-tip sandwich (his favorite and I love them as well). Tomorrow, although it may be too late, we will see what we can do about getting him started at the local college and maybe start him on his way to the career he has chosen for himself; photography.

Kids with autism see the world very much differently from you and I and I think letting him have the outlet of a camera to show everyone what he sees might be a grand experiment for him.  I think the results will be interesting.  If he stays focused on it, I’ll show a few of his photos here and maybe open his own WordPress account later on.  I’ll let you all know.


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