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Would you like to read the books that I’ve authored but maybe don’t have the bookshelf space (or funds) for the dead tree editions? Then here are links to both the books, themselves, published by and a link to SmashWords where you can download the books to any reader you have available.  Buying any of them supports the efforts of this site to exist and are greatly appreciated and, best of all, they were written and produced and made in America so the money you spend stays right here.

First is the book that arose from my tiny little brain over many, many years.  Whenever I had one of those thoughts that we all have on occasion, I would write it down in a journal or scrap of paper and keep it to think about later.  Eventually, I discovered I had enough to fill a medium sized book.  This is that book.  I called it A Progressive Mind: Personal Reflections on Reality.

A Progressive Mind - A Book Made In America

The book itself is available from Amazon at this page. This link also allows you to purchase the Kindle version, if you use that system.  If you use any of the multitude of other readers you can download the book from SmashWords, as well.  Obviously, the downloaded versions are far less expensive and are not responsible for the deaths of any trees but the book is something physical that you can keep and lend and read at your leisure (and both make excellent bathroom material as you can read a page or two and then consider the thoughts after you’re done 🙂  ).

The second book I have authored is a collection of the hundreds of quotes I collected for my original web site Another Perspective (a site that I have had little time to update or repair, I’m afraid).  These are quotes from the world’s most progressive thinkers from far back in history till the present.  I’ve included a few quotes from the more moronic right wingers just as a comparison as to difference in the depth of thought between the two.

This book is called Atheists, Agnostics, Progressives: Busy Bacteria on a Speck of Dust.

Atheists, Agnostics, Progressive Minds

This book can be purchased directly from Amazon using this link.  If you have a Kindle then simply go to this link to download it.  If you use any of the other many, many readers then, again, you can download the particular version you need from SmashWords at this link.

So, there you have them.  Two books so far and I’m working on a third one which will be mostly non-political and a treasure of trivia about the most unusual topics I can find.  Obviously, I’ll let you all know about it when I finish and have it ready for your perusal and enjoyment.

In the meantime,


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