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Progressive Gifts

MY TWO PROGRESSIVE BOOKS – MY SMALL PROGRESSIVE GIFT TO THE WORLD I was born at a very young age to a woman I had never been properly introduced to (even though I’m told I was rather a constant companion … Continue reading

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Progressive Mind

A Progressive Mind: Personal Reflections on Reality When I was younger, many years ago, I began making little notes of things that passed through my mind.  None of them are particularly noteworthy but all meant something very special to me … Continue reading

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Facebook Spies

I had an interaction today with someone on Facebook.  His name is unimportant.  A sweet fellow that I recently became friends with and he seems to be truly gentle, intelligent human being.  I’m not sure who asked who to connect … Continue reading

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Social Security Promises

Social Security Promises I desperately adore Wikipidea for it’s stunning wealth of information on nearly every subject imaginable. In as much as it is a free encyclopedia and available to the world I took the liberty of simply copying and … Continue reading

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Perfect Path?

The Perfect Path? I am, as so many other people have proclaimed themselves, only human. I see so many of my own words and deeds that I know are wrong in my heart but I so seldom understand that they … Continue reading

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VA Medical “Care”

Okay, this sucks. The vast VA medical care system, one of the largest in America, gives up very easily and can tell a vet, “We don’t know what is causing the problem but we won’t do any more tests to … Continue reading

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American Made – American Jobs

Time for another rant about American made products versus the cheap garbage made by children is windowless sweatshops for Wal-Mart and Target and all the other anti-American, unpatriotic venders of plastic crap. Never, for one second, forget that every penny … Continue reading

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American Christian’s Ignorance of Christ

One of my favorite quotes I’ve ever heard came from that lover of peace and brotherhood, Gandhi, when he was asked what he thought about Christianity.  His simple reply was, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. … Continue reading

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Liberal v. Conservative – Dictionary Definitions

Time to define the terms that get tossed around by tiny minds that have changed the definition of words in negative and warped ways in order to lead the sheep to slaughter.  Words have factual meanings regardless of the evil … Continue reading

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Another PTSD Stupidty Rant

Every now and then I wonder if my distaste for talking to people is purely a result of my PTSD or if it’s a mixture of PTSD and a complete hatred of stupid people.  While for the last couple of … Continue reading

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