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Thought I would add another little “Made in America” blatant ad for my books. Since they are both in paper versions and digital and the companies are in the US you’re supporting American writers (me) using American media (Amazon and Smashwords) and your dollars stay here instead of buying mansions in China (I rent my small home so mansions aren’t a problem for me).

In any event, here are the covers of the two books I’ve written and links to Amazon, Kindle and Smashwords. No matter which way you purchase the books you’ll be supporting Made In America books and a real, live American author.

“A Progressive Mind” Personal Reflections on Reality” is a book of aphorisms and random thoughts from a homeless hippie, decorated US Marine Vietnam War veteran, 28 year union member and deeply political American. Personal views on the absolute uselessness of religion, war and greed as well as the necessity of equally sharing what the universe offers. I speak of my beliefs as an occasional atheist, occasional agnostic and eternal Progressive.

A Progressive Mind - A Book Made In America

A Progressive Mind - A Book Made In America


For the paper version, kindly visit A Progressive Mind on

To read A Progressive Mind on a Kindle please also see here.

To read A Progressive Mind on all other reader platforms visit Smashwords and download your own copy for virtually any reader on the market.

My second book, “Atheists, Agnostics, Progressive Minds: Busy Bacteria on a Speck of Dust” is a collection of truly intelligent thoughts from the greatest progressive minds in history as well as a few quotes from regressive, conservative fools just for comparison.

Atheists, Agnostics, Progressive Minds - A Made In America Book

Atheists, Agnostics, Progressive Minds: Busy Bacteria on a Speck of Dust


For the paper version of this great book of progressive quotes, just visit Atheists, Agnostics, Progressive Minds at

For the Kindle version download, just click on over to here and download the book.

Finally, for the downloadable version for every other reader on the market, you can find Atheists, Agnostics, Progressive Minds at Smashwords.

Thanks for your attention.  Peace.

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