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I’ve got my son registered in the two classes he really wanted, fees are paid and now it’s just lots of city bus rides for the boy back and forth.  I doubt if my PTSD would ever allow me to be on the bus and riding in such an enclosed space with so many strangers but, then again, I doubt that my PTSD would ever let me be as strong and smart and willing to try as my son is.  So, congratulations to him and I hope he can stick it out long enough to get the information he needs to begin the trek towards being a professional photographer.

That said, I got to thinking that there really are a few places where one can obtain information on PTSD but it is a huge expense in time and energy and PTSD limits us in both.  Thus, Ill try to do some research and offer up some links to places to visit.  I warn you, most of my interest lies in combat based PTSD but, the reality is, while PTSD comes from many causes and events the results tend to be the same.  Helping one group will offer help to others.  At least that has always been the basis for this part of the blog.

We’ll begin with the Wikipedia entry on the subject. This is a pretty factual set of information and links that will help anyone dealing with PTSD or with a friend or loved one experiencing PTSD symptoms to better understand what is going on. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PubMed Health offers up-to-date information on diseases, conditions, drugs, treatment options, and healthy living, with a special focus on comparative effectiveness research from institutions around the world. PubMed Health is produced by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a division of the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.  Go to this page for a wealth of information on PTSD.

This is the Veteran’s Adminsitration site for the National Center for PTSD Home. From personal experience, I’ll warn you that the VA may be at the forefront of PTSD research, just don’t rely too heavily on their employees to have the time, experience, skills or interest in truly helping you deal with these issues. Just sayin’. The help is generally free, though, although the wait for appointments can be long.

The Gateway to PTSD Information, while a subset of the VA, offers some valuable links that even journalism students will find of interest. By the way, take their poll on this page and help them better focus on what information is needed.

Anti-pschotic drugs aren’t always an answer, either. A recent TIME Magazine article reported on a study done by the VA that found little difference between anti-psychotics and placebos.

There are even forums online such as PTSD Forum where you can interact with other PTSD sufferers. Just as a small warning, the author’s spelling and syntax on this page isn’t that great but the thoughts of the participants may be of value.

The PTSD resources from the Mayo Clinic are very valuable and should be checked out. Highly recommended.

Many people aren’t even certain if what they are experiencing is PTSD or simple depression. Here is a site that lets you do an online test and assessment and, although there is little in the way of direct help, it will let you gain a better understanding of what you are facing. It’s called the Military Mental Health Screening Program.

Even children suffer from the effects of PTSD. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has devised a short test, “After The Injury”, for parents to uncover and rate your child’s reactions to traumatic events in their lives.

PTSD also causes the sufferer to strike out against even those they love most. For information on abuse suffered by families and spouses of PTSD victims, you can find information and help at PTSD and Domestic Violence, Women, Domestic Violence, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a long, detailed research paper on the subject, and even some blogs on the subject such as PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Spousal Abuse.

For those who would like to know one woman’s story about living with an Iraq vet dealing with PTSD I again recommend PTSDlove as well as PTSD: A Love Story.

That’s just a tiny percentage of the links that just Google offers up. The other search engines may have different and, possibly, more relevant and useful information on PTSD. This is just my latest, meager effort to try to bring some peace to my own world by bring information to others, the most important piece of information being that you are not crazy, you are not “different”, you have just had experiences that no human should ever have and your brain is trying its damnedest to figure out a way to function and deal with those memories. Look for help. You won’t know if you can find it till you look.

I offer you my hopes for calmness and peace.

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