Something important dawned on me last night.  I don’t deserve PTSD from Vietnam.  The guy or woman down the street doesn’t deserve PTSD from wars.  The kids that are stupidly signing up right this very instant to go fight the wars for the wealthy do not deserve the PTSD that they are almost certain to drag home with them along with their duffle bags unless they are unfortunate enough to come home in the dark of night with no one to greet their coffins covered in colored cloth.  None of us deserve PTSD and not one family deserves to have to deal with the effects of PTSD and not one family has to watch as PTSD tears apart a mind that used to ride a bicycle down the street and watch cartoons and climb trees and go to school and have friends and, well, do all those things they USED to do but can’t, now, because their mind is full of screaming, dying friends and little parts of little children and they can’t live with those images so they take drugs and end up dealing with the law enforcement and prison systems that are owned by the same wealthy that sent them to war or going to the VA and waiting weeks or months for help that consists of legal drugs and burned out people while the wealthy whine about their taxes that they aren’t paying anyway and then demand more and more cuts to every service these kids need.  NOBODY DESERVES PTSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But we still send kids off to war to fight against whatever enemy the wealthy have invented and the children of the poor and middle class keep coming home silently screaming during the day and unconsciously screaming in their dreams and  NOBODY FUCKING CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I never had an argument against any of the Vietnamese I was sent to murder and I murdered a few.  They didn’t pose a threat to me or my family or anything that had anything to do with me.  The threat they posed was that they might nationalize some of the industries that France had already lost in their stupid wars and that American corporations now coveted.  But not one Vietnamese soldier ever came into my house at night, throwing in a hand grenade first to “clear the area” and then shoot anything that moved because it “might” be an “enemy”.  That never happened but I was raised that those damn godless commies were coming to steal away my country and do unspeakable and always unspoken evils to me if me and the kids I grew up with didn’t travel thousands of miles away and kill them in their homes that were surrounded by the rice fields that were the only things they owned in the world and couldn’t buy a ticket to America to do me harm if they wanted.  How many cases of PTSD did I leave behind when I came home?

Finally, Americans, after years and years of watching their own children and grandchildren and friend’s children being thrown onto helicopters in body bags while they ate their TV dinners in front of their tiny TVs every single night and then seeing the god awful messes that came home looking like their kids or their grandkids or neighborhood kids but who were completely and forever different, the people demanded that the war END NOW!  Suddenly there were peace talks and promises and then a mad ass scramble to get the hell out of the country since every single general later admitted that we never stood a chance of winning, anyway.  55,000 American kids died, 500,000 were wounded and countless minds were forever broken and made into mush and all we did was leave.

Now all over Vietnam there are McDonald’s and Marlboro signs and KFC and all the American poisons and crap you can imagine there so we won the war for the wealthy at the cost of a generation of minds and souls and millions upon millions of lives.  And I hear kids today talk about how we “won” that war which “proves” we can win in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and everywhere else the wealthy want to send YOUR KIDS TO KILL OTHER KIDS so that they get richer and richer and richer.

But you never see the caskets.  You never see the funerals unless some crazy a-holes with another sick form of superstition wants to hold up signs at the funerals insulting them and their families now that they’re dead and can’t defend themselves and everyone puts up crosses over the box of decaying meat to prove that their little boy or little girl died fighting in the name of their sick, warped misunderstanding of their “Prince Of Peace”.  You only know about the dead as numbers.  “X number of Americans died today in an ambush of people sick of Americans occupying their country” (oh, wait, that would be reporting reality so, instead) “X number of Americans died bringing democracy and peace to __________ fill in the blank country”.

Does anyone know of the long history of conflict between the Middle East countries?  Can anyone name three of them?  Can anyone remember who lived on the land for CENTURIES where Israel now claims as some sort of gift from their invisible friend in the sky?  Do you know who those people were?  Do you know where they are now?

Do you give a rat’s ass or is Brittany Spears showing off her bare pussy and some low IQ, fat, orange drunken prostitute prancing around on your TV more important?  Hell, you and I both know the answer to that.  The vast majority of Americans couldn’t find Iraq or Afghanistan or Egypt on a map if they were the only countries listed.  Hell, FOX NEWS, the mouthpiece for the wealthy and the nose ring for the masses can’t even point out Egypt on a news “report”.

Ask anyone why we’re fighting in Iraq and they’ll say because they attacked us on 9/11.  They didn’t attack us.  Afghanistan didn’t attack us.  Saudi Arabians attacked us.  Egyptians attacked us.  Jordanians attacked us.  Yemenis attacked us.  At least according to the story that the government wants us to believe.  But not Iraq and not Afghanistan and now Libya and Somalia and the countless other wars our kids are fighting and dying in that you don’t know about and you don’t care about because the wealthy have made you unemployed and taken away your home and you know it is going to get worse and worse for everyone but the wealthy but you still worship the wealthy, don’t you?

So why are we sending our kids off to fight wars that only the wealthy win?  Is it because we are nation of ignorant, uninformed and hate filled sheep that think our invisible friend is better than everyone else’s invisible friend?  Well, yeah, although few ill admit it, there is that as a fact.

So why, when you see the vets standing on a street corner begging for pennies do you look the other way?  Why, when you see your own kids or the kids you know from when they came over for cookies and milk, do you turn away and just keep hating the people you’re told to hate and not the people that are causing such massive misery in the world just in worship of the Almighty Dollar?  Why don’t you care enough to scream at those animals and refuse to keep helping them?  Why do you shop at Wal-Mart instead of buying things made in America?  Why do you buy cars that waste the fuel that we are invading other nations for so that we can steal their oil and give it FREE to Exxon-Mobil and the rest of the oil thugs?  Why do you keep voting for people that support these animals?  WHY DON’T YOU CARE??????

Okay, never mind.  I’m sorry to have interrupted your enjoyment of that poison filled McDonald’s crap and those things made by small children in windowless buildings that you bought at Wal-Mart.  I’m sorry to bring up the hell that you are causing with your fucking ignorance and your love of Limbaugh and FOX and fat, orange prostitutes and your adoration of grown men playing children’s school ground games for tens of millions of dollars in arenas that your tax dollars paid for instead of schools and hospitals and parks and firemen and mental health services for service men and women.  I’m sorry to remind you that 18 human beings kill themselves every single day of every single week of every single month because they can’t stand the screaming in their heads and you are too busy whining about what you pay in taxes to give a crap about them or their families or their lives.  I’m sorry that you have allowed reality to become an intrusion in your lives and that you just find it easier to listen to those who can tell you what to think and who to hate and who your children should kill and how you should detest those same kids for asking for some help when they come back with pain where their minds used to be.

I’ll stop now.  I’m sure you’re tired of reading about PTSD and suicides and killing and pieces of children and all those things you don’t want to think about because they make you uncomfortable.  So just watch a little TV and take your mind off the world.  Go to bed tonight and don’t even think for a second about the veterans that are crying themselves to sleep or drugging themselves to sleep or taking drugs so that they can sleep or just putting a gun to their heads so that they can finally find silence and rest.

I’ll stop now.  Go forget those people.  They aren’t on TV so they aren’t important.  But in the last hour or so, another veteran killed himself or herself.  Oops, no, forget I mentioned that.  Lower taxes.  Hate the Muslims and godless liberals and teachers.  That’s easier.  That’s soothing.  Close your eyes, now.  Night night.  Sleep tight.  Don’t let the screaming bother you.  Pleasant dreams.

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    • Girlzaa says:

      I was saddened to find such a high (and icanensirg) rate of suicide among US soldiers. I am grateful to find that the military is spending money and using experts to try to help lesson the number of suicides. However, I feel that there are several factors that are included in being a soldier and that the military will not be able to fix unless there is no more war.A soldier s training includes accepting death for one s country and how to detach, which helps to give them the tiny bit of clarity in combat situations that may save their lives. They are taught how to live in a war zone how to act, what perspective to use, and what to look for if they are expected to survive. This is not common or natural for us, but while the soldier is in the war zone it is necessary for them to survive. Those who cannot stand the extreme stress and worry of a warzone may take their lives or die from stress-related causes. For those who make it home, suddenly their worlds are turned upside down again. They find that their family and home life has changed since they have been missing. Suddenly, their detachment training becomes an issue because they have an issue reconnecting to people and restarting their lives. Killing a human isn t easy, but living with that is even more difficult when you are surrounded by people who have never had a need to fight or kill in order to survive. Suddenly, it becomes difficult to live with yourself and take part in a normal life. If a soldier has accepted death as an alternative to the pain, I can imagine that they would struggle with the conflict in their own life.The best solution to this would obviously be to not send soldiers into warzones. This seems unlikely with the world s conflict and the US as the military power of the world. Another option is to change the training of the soldiers so that they are not as detached and do not accept death. This could have a huge negative impact on our soldiers, as they would be more likely to panic in combat situations and would probably develop other psychological disorders long before their return home. I feel that the best option is to limit a soldier s time in a combat situation. This means shortening their time in the war zone, and icanensirg their time that they have to talk to their families while away as well as icanensirg their breaks from war. Although they would still have to be watched, having the increased contact with family and friends would (hopefully) make them feel more like they belong and like a more integral and necessary part of this world. I don t think we will ever be able to beat PTSD and the trauma that comes with taking a life or having one s life threatened on a daily basis. However, we can sit and try to understand what is going on in order to help our soldiers as much as possible.

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