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A Progressive Mind: Personal Reflections on Reality

When I was younger, many years ago, I began making little notes of things that passed through my mind.  None of them are particularly noteworthy but all meant something very special to me at the time and, when I went back and reviewed them, I found that most if not all still held a meaning or brought back memories that I wished to keep in my heart.  A couple of years ago I decided to put all those scraps of paper and notebook pages together and create a small book that I could share with the world.  The result was called A Progressive Mind: Personal Reflections on Reality” 

In the forward to this small volume I sought to explain just a small part of my personal beliefs.  Some have complained bitterly about what I wrote, some have applauded and others ignored it completely.  This is the foreword to A Progressive Mind in its entirety:

These are my thoughts.  I do not expect anyone to agree with me completely nor do I care if you disagree with me in any way.  These beliefs and thoughts are the accumulation of over 60 years on this planet and over 40 years of the awareness of the damage that so many inflict on one another with the most insane and greedy justifications.  Much of what follows has been said by others, just not to my satisfaction.

Spiritually, I waver between agnosticism and atheism.  I can believe that the universe was created by some force far, far beyond any human comprehension but I can also wrap my mind around a reality in which this universe and possibly an infinite number of other universes exist simply because they exist.  The reality is that the two beliefs are closer to one confirmed view than two separate and uncompromising views.  Does it matter if a force so powerful as to have the inconceivable authority to create such a vast reality really exists?  Does it matter if we believe that such a power does not exist but, rather, reality is reality because it is reality?  Is there even an infinitesimal possibility that such a power would even notice our existence and demand our feeble and worthless “worship” or would we be simply another passing but astonishingly simple minded, self-serving bacteria infecting a grain of dust in an infinite universe?

I believe we owe one another absolute respect.  We must not knowingly harm one another.  We must strive constantly to improve the lives of all.  Anyone who desires more than another is sick and must be quarantined from society.  Anyone who knowingly harms another is sick and must be quarantined from society.  Those are the two basic laws that will provide all that a just and equal civilization requires.  This is a progressive mind.

Wars, religions, gods, patriotism, greed and all other forms of insanity and separation are diseases.  Mankind can achieve unbelievable greatness and inhabit a garden of perfection if it finds a way to understand and cure these corruptions.  If we cannot eradicate those obstacles, then we will soon disappear from the universe and leave no trace and no being will mourn our passage nor remember our existence.

Let me share a few of the quotes from the book.

If I were to believe in any god it would be the one that tells the whales and elk when to migrate and moves the planets and stars through the emptiness of space and never the one that hates and reviles and murders its own children.

Someday, when the history of the decline and fall of the United States is written, the first sentence will read, “The deterioration of this once honorable and courageous nation, and the beginning of the end of all hope for its future, began when Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States by selfish, uninformed, celebrity worshiping morons.

God Makes Me Grow Up - A Progressive MindLife makes me grow older but cannot make me grow up.

A lie told often enough becomes the truth to the stupid.  That is the principle purpose of television ads, political and commercial, in America.

If you seek god, run from those who have found it.

Your life is a success if you learn the definition of “enough”.

Americans seek out the unimportant indiscretions of mere celebrities to avoid confronting the misery their government and military inflicts upon the world.  This is the function of the media, as well.

That, as they say, is enough of that for the moment.  I’ll offer some more quotes from this book as well as my other book “Atheists, Agnostics, Progressive Minds: Busy Bacteria On A Speck Of Dust

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