Human Principles

These are basic human principles. We must accept nothing less in this nation.

Love EVERYONE as you love yourself.  No Exceptions.  There will be no discrimination based on sex, religion (or lack of same), color, national origin, sexual orientation (except as proscribed by laws that protect children), or any other categories natural to mankind.

ALL laws must benefit children.  If a law harms children it is, by nature, not law and unenforceable.

ALL humans are equal.

All laws pertain to all people equally.  There are no protections behind corporate, military or government office walls.

Only those who exhibit a behavior dangerous to others will be placed away from society.  This will include both violent behavior as well as behavior meant to steal that which is not theirs or is not freely given.  They will be given the best psychological and educational assistance possible so that they can become members of society again upon release.

Equal education is a right for all humans.  Education will be funded at 20% of all state revenues and 5% of all federal revenues and will be equal per student in all districts.  Education for those most difficult to educate will be considered a part of those funds and will be conducted in whatever way best suits the individual.

Equal healthcare is a right for all human beings.

America may not produce or export offensive weapons.  Weapons may only be defensive in nature and may not be meant to directly take the lives of others.

All workers will be paid a living wage.  No one person may earn more than 100 times the wages of the lowest living wage.  All money above that amount is automatically taxed at 100% with no deductions allowed.  This will apply to all parts of society: business, sports, entertainment, etc.  Those who provide necessary services for the betterment of mankind, such as teachers, firemen, all medical personnel and other occupations to be determined will be paid a minimum of 10 times the minimum wage and that wage can never be reduced.

Corporations will exist with the express permission of the people.  Corporations will never, under any circumstances. have the same rights as a human being. Corporations are created through a license from the government and may be dissolved by a majority vote of the people in whose states they do business..  Corporations may never, under any circumstance, donate any corporate funds to any candidate or political party or produce any advertisements meant to sway public opinion for any political purpose. Any corporation found guilty of doing so by a randomly selected group of human beings will automatically be dissolved and all executives subject to fines and/or imprisonment.  Production facilities of such corporations will become the property of the government which shall continue its operations and will sell the corporation to the highest bidder as long as that sale does not give unfair advantage to the buyer over corporations doing like business.

Every corporation that does business within the United Stated must pay full taxes to the United States as well as the states, counties and cities in which they do business.  The ONLY tax deductions allowed will be for that difference in salaries above the minimum living wage and the cost of new equipment and business supplies purchased and manufactured in the United States.  All profits not reinvested into the corporation above these expenses will be taxed at 100%

Any nation that produces offensive weapons will  immediately have all export and imports blocked by the United States until such times as it is proven that the weapons have been destroyed and the means to produce them destroyed completely.

A mechanism will be introduced that will allow a majority vote of the people to negate any law enacted by Congress or created by the Supreme Court.  The ONLY exceptions will be a ban on any law that seeks to remove rights or responsibilities from any group of people.

Voting will be mandatory.  All humans will, at age 18, register to vote.  Anyone who does not vote will be fined for the first instance and incarcerated for increasing time periods there after.  All voting will done on a thick, paper ballot manufactured exactly the same for all states and may be done from home or at a polling location.  Each ballot will have a detachable section that will have the voter’s thumbprint applied using body heat technology and will be removed and saved by the voter before depositing or mailing as proof of vote.  All ballots will be stored for a minimum of ten years (or longer if deemed historical in nature of is deemed by Congress to be necessary for historical research).

All media corporations will be limited to one TV, one radio and one newspaper or magazine in every market area to be determined by the FCC.  Licenses will be renewed every two years by a vote of the people in those areas.

ALL reports that are broadcast or written must maintain proof of the facts behind those reports for a minimum of seven years.  Any media found guilty of broadcasting reports not founded on factual information will automatically have their license revoked and the FCC will conduct extensive investigations into the facts used for all other reports for a six months period.  Any shows that do not use factual information must, at the beginning and end of each commercial break, for 15 seconds place a large, easily read notice that is also clearly read that states that this show is for entertainment purposes.

Voting districts will be determined by solely by geography and population and created by computerized programs whose codes are public knowledge.

The United States, through the revenues collected as taxes, shall fund research into curing diseases, creating alternative sources of energy and any other project deemed necessary to the health, well-being and progressive betterment of the people.  The results of this research will be freely provided to any corporation or individual who may wish to produce the product or attempt to improve it.

All corporations are responsible for the products and services they sell as well as any damages to the environment that results.

These are simply basic human principles.  Anything less gives power to those who will always, without exception, do harm to others.

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5 Responses to Human Principles

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  2. money says:

    This is a great post, thanks!

    • Munna says:

      I wasn’t asking about the moral worth of the corptraoions. I’m asking about this statement of the moral worth of the people who work in corptraoions.But then, are you interpreting this statement from the synopsis as saying that it doesn’t matter to the corporation that people are good? Are you saying, then, that a person’s moral character has no worth at all, once they work in a corporation?I found the absolutism in this statement to be curious, and I’m trying to work out its precise meaning.

  3. Elham says:

    , the film’s thesis (as I untersdand it) is pretty dead-on. I have worked in corporations large and small, including some of the world’s most powerful ones, and at an executive level from which I was afforded a view beyond the cubes and right into the Board room and the CEO’s office. And corporations are no different than bake sales, bowling leagues, or church congregations in that they are made up of just plain folks at all levels (yes, even at the executive level) at about the same frequency you’d find in any other assemblage of human beings: a few are very, very good, a few are very, very bad, and the great majority are neither, but are instead just regular folks, a little good, a little bad, mostly neither and just trying to get along/go along.But take that standard distribution of human nature and stir it up in the corporate rendering pot and here I’m talking corporations where big money is in play and the result is almost always pathological. The bad actors will generally rise to the top the sociopaths, the compulsive liars, the @ss-kissers, the amoral. This is so because short-term success is the only thing that is rewarded by shareholders, and thus by the CEO, and thus by the execs, and thus by the managers . And the quickest, surest route to short-term success, throughout all of human history, is to be the biggest SOB on the block. Let’s face it: it works. In rare instances you can advance by being smarter, more creative, more insightful than everybody else (I like to think that’s how I rose through the ranks, anyway), but there is a distinct glass ceiling to that aapproach. Really smart, really constructive guys are really not welcome at the top, whaich is the SOBs’ Club.As a necessary consequence, the organization as a whole takes on an amoral character with a thin moral veneer just enough to keep us out of the paper, not enough to be an inconvenience. In that environment, good people swallow theirmorals every day, because getting fired is scary it is a Little Death for most folks. You have kids to feed, a mortgage to pay; you can’t afford to rock the boat. You’ve signed a bargain with the devil. Only very infrequently do people actually say take this job and shove it . Mostly they keep their heads down and their mouths shut the attitude which has enabled every evil the world has ever known.So, yeah, overall I’d have to agree. It really makes very little (if any) difference how good a person you are. Once you’ve bought into the systemyour soul pretty much belongs to the system, and it ain’t pretty.As for me, earlier this year I finally said I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more. And I couldn’t be happier. Re-discovering my moral self is really exciting, and heartening.ub.

    • Penculi says:

      You haven’t worked in cube world i see. The whole opeartion is designed so that the people at the top make the big bucks while your salary remains frozen (if you’re lucky i’ve witnessed many examples of a corporation firing everyone in a certain job classification, re-naming the same work and advertising it at a lower rate that the former employees are welcome to apply for); if you don’t know the story of Arthur Anderson check it out (accounting fraud); basically, you are made to do what they tell you, even if it’s illegal, shut up about it and mind your business or you get replaced. This also happens DAILY in the medical profession in large hospitals. From HR (the worst people on the planet stooges for the corporate sector) to accounting, to (especially) the psychopathic bosses you have no use to them other than to work toward their wealth gathering and if you make too much money, they find a way to get rid of you.

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