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My PTSD has become almost overwhelming.  I wake up each morning and I’m depressed that I didn’t die in my sleep.  I lay there and wish I didn’t have to face another day.  Images of a rope with a noose … Continue reading

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PTSD Destroys Souls

There is a special kind of loneliness and separation from the world that PTSD forces upon you.  I may be surrounded by people but I connect on a human level with none of them.  I listen to their vapid, meaningless … Continue reading

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Medics, Morphine and Gang Rape

We were assigned to a fire base near the DMZ for a few days of R&R and to get ready to go back into the field.  For me, part of “relaxing” was to grab a ride into Dong Ha/Quang Tri … Continue reading

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Little Dead Vietnamese Girls

It started on a fairly sunny, warm day.  I had come in-country just a couple weeks earlier.  26 weeks of boot camp and combat infantry training had already shown me that being a Marine was a bad decision but there … Continue reading

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PTSD, Pretty Words and Reality.

I’m on Facebook. I see a lot of posts that advise us to live in the moment, to let the past go, to forgive ourselves and move on. Those are wonderful sentiments for some, I suppose. I guess there are … Continue reading

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VA Medical Care Pt.2

VA Medical Care Isn’t And Is Getting Worse In the ongoing saga of me versus the imaginary VA Medical Care, we find our hero no long able to walk like a human being with his left foot.  Instead, like Chester … Continue reading

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Progressive Mind

A Progressive Mind: Personal Reflections on Reality When I was younger, many years ago, I began making little notes of things that passed through my mind.  None of them are particularly noteworthy but all meant something very special to me … Continue reading

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Perfect Path?

The Perfect Path? I am, as so many other people have proclaimed themselves, only human. I see so many of my own words and deeds that I know are wrong in my heart but I so seldom understand that they … Continue reading

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VA Medical “Care”

Okay, this sucks. The vast VA medical care system, one of the largest in America, gives up very easily and can tell a vet, “We don’t know what is causing the problem but we won’t do any more tests to … Continue reading

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American Christian’s Ignorance of Christ

One of my favorite quotes I’ve ever heard came from that lover of peace and brotherhood, Gandhi, when he was asked what he thought about Christianity.  His simple reply was, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. … Continue reading

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